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When you’re living with troubling symptoms like rectal bleeding, chronic constipation, and rectal or abdominal pain, you want an accurate diagnosis and rapid treatment. At her practice in Novi, Michigan, double board-certified colorectal surgeon Jean Jaffke, MD provides colonoscopy procedures to diagnose and treat conditions in your rectum and colon. A colonoscopy is also an effective screening tool for preventing colon and rectal cancer. Call or schedule an appointment today for compassionate and effective care in diagnosing and treating your condition.

Colonoscopy Q & A

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure in which Dr. Jaffke inserts a colonoscope into your rectum to examine the inside of your bowel.

A colonoscope is a slender, flexible tube with a tiny light and camera mounted on its tip. When it’s inside your body, it sends images back to a monitor in the treatment room so Dr. Jaffke can look for inflammation, polyps, and other abnormalities in your bowel.

Why would I need a colonoscopy?

Dr. Jaffke performs colonoscopy procedures for diagnostic purposes. She can check for signs of conditions that cause abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, chronic constipation or diarrhea, and other abdominal symptoms.

A colonoscopy is also an effective method to screen for colon cancer. Anyone over the age of 45 should have a colonoscopy once every 10 years to check for abnormalities that could indicate colon cancer. If you have a family history of the disease, you should start having screenings earlier and more frequently.

In addition to providing diagnostic images, Dr. Jaffke can also remove any polyps or take tissue samples for a biopsy during your colonoscopy.

What should I expect during a colonoscopy?

Dr. Jaffke gives you instructions on how to prepare for your colonoscopy. You need to fast for a certain amount of time before the procedure and are restricted to liquids on the day before and the day of your procedure. You will take a bowel prep the night before your colonoscopy to help empty your bowel.

When you get to the endoscopy center, you’ll change into a gown before your procedure. A clinician places an IV in your arm and will speak to a member of the anesthesia team.

You will lie on your side during the colonoscopy, with your knees drawn toward your chest. A member of the anesthesia team gives you medicine through your IV to make you sleep during the procedure. Dr. Jaffke then inserts the colonoscope and inflates your bowel with gas to create space for clear images. She needs about 30 minutes to get a thorough exam of your bowel.

What happens after a colonoscopy?

You will relax in the recovery area of the endoscopy center while your sedation wears off. The gas used to inflate your bowel can cause some abdominal discomfort. You will be required to pass that gas prior to discharge. You’ll need someone to drive you home after your colonoscopy, but you can return to your normal activities the next day.

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